Schultz Healthcare is a dynamic and rapidly growing Company specialising in the procurement and supply of Reliable, High Quality, healthcare products, Branded Laboratory, medical equipment and Hospital equipment and consumables to the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Educational, Food and Beverage, Agricultural and Oil and Gas sectors.
We supply Quality Products on every occasion by delivering leading Brands.

We provide an International perspective to the provision of laboratory and medical  products and source and supply laboratory and medical equipment and consumables to Manufacturing Companies, Corporations, NGO’s, Hospitals, Health Centres, Clinics, Universities, Specialist Laboratories and Schools.

We are able to help with the review of local healthcare requirements to ensure the provision of appropriate and efficient medical solutions towards meeting the needs of both urban and rural populations. In addition we can provide consultancy services, from feasibility studies to project management.

We source and supply a wide range of products including medical, hospital, laboratory equipment and consumables, research reagents, chemicals and manufacturing equipment, some of which can be found on our website. Our range includes products as basic as First Aid kits and Doctors’ coats to Ultrasound Equipment and Ophthalmology Equipment, from pH meters and Microscopes to Centrifuges and Spectrophotometers, from Patient Trolleys to Operating Lights and from Equipment Spare Parts to Manucfacturing Equipment. We are even able to supply Greenhouses for growing medicinal plants. A small sample of products, by no means exhaustive is displayed on our website for illustrative purposes. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us and we will be only too happy to help.

We listen to and work in collaboration with our customers, Governments, Non Governmental Organisations, Hospitals, Universities, Clinics, Corporations and Healthcare Professionals to achieve cost-effective and locally sustainable solutions.

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